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L'Erbolario Algadetox Cream Face Mask 1.7oz Treatment Repairman Night

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Traffic, work, meetings, a thousand commitments, tensions of various kinds… Our daily life has become a real obstacle course! Stress often takes over, not only on the mood, but also on the skin, which is subjected to continuous external aggression, especially if you live in a big city. The epidermis, which constitutes a real protective barrier, is nowadays constantly exposed to UV rays and other atmospheric pollutants, such as smog (crossing of the words smoke - smoke - and fog - fog). If we add to this an incorrect lifestyle, an unhealthy diet and bad habits such as smoking, the result for the skin is inevitable: oxidative stress, cell damage, weakening of the "barrier effect", loss of tone and elasticity, premature aging. The situation, however, is by no means irreparable. Just protect y.

Additional Information
Brand L'Erbolario
EAN 8022328110119
Features vitamineCruelty-free/Not tested on animals Exempt from formalde
MPN ERBOLARIO8022328110119
Tails 8022328110119
Type Moisturizing mask
UPC Does not apply
Volume 50 ml
Application features 50 ml
Item size 50 ml